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Paired with a black with blush floral beaded strape, this labradorite bracelet is certainly charming and chic. A pink opal bead accents it and while one side of the bracelet the other side is extended by a double paper clip chain that adds a touch of style to it. It is also adorned with a beautiful 14k gold plated toggle clasp set with zirconia.

Labradorite Drop with Floral Beaded Bracelet

  • Length: 18cm 

    *Note that for toggle clasp, it needs some allowance in length to secure it easily. Therefore, this bracelet is suitable for wrists measuring betweem 14.5cm to 17cm. For example, my wrist size is about  14.5cm. After wearing it, I will will either shift it higher up my arm or wear it loosly resting on my lower wrist.

    The length of this bracelet design cannot be altered.

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