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Fashion Jewellery Care

·        Keep away from solvents such as alcohol, cleaners, hairspray, nail polish, perfume.

·        Avoid prolong hours of heat or direct sunlight continuously.


·        Store your pieces away from high humidity to keep metal parts from tarnishing. You may gently clean it with a soft dry tissue or cloth and store it in the zip log bag provided to avoid contact with air. This will help to prolong the beauty of any fashion accessories.


·         For polymer clay jewelry and those with mineral stones, crystals and glass beads, though these materials are generally durable, they can still be chipped, scratched or broken if they are not handled with care. Please be careful not to drop pieces from high ground. For polymer clay pieces, please avoid placing them in pockets or purses.


·        Avoid knocking all pieces against hard surfaces.


·        Not recommended for wear during sleep, spa, showering, swimming.


·        Please keep pieces away from small children for their safety.

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