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Crafting has always been one of my greatest hobbies at a young age. I am very much a self taught crafter as attending classes is not something I am totally fond of, including baking and cooking classes. Making Barbie doll dresses out of old fabrics was one of my very first handmake craze. The thrill of making things myself is that I can make as many as I want, in as many designs as I like and they are all unique and different from anything sold commercially.  Soon, I started crafting other things like photo frames, wire art & clay jewellery, wedding ring pillows, shoe clips and children hair pieces.


My Cosy Loft features a series of my craft using different mediums such as Polymer Clay Embroidery, wire art and peyote stitching. 


I draw inspirations from many things around, from nature to cultures. That is how I put together colours and patterns that is unique to a piece. Each piece is exclusive and made with loads of love and dedication. Perfect or not, each has a special place in my heart. Each design comes in only one piece/set. To customise an exact same piece is almost impossible. I can only design something that is similar to another on request. Like all hand crafted pieces, they are never the same like commercial products that are mass produced with moulds and machines. In fact, I embrace some imperfections in handmade pieces and value them as 'uniquely special'!

Wire Art
Most of my wire art pieces are made with tarnish resistant brass and stainless steel wires unless otherwise stated for pieces made with raw copper to achieve a rustic, antique look.  With wires, I love the versatility and boldness I can add to my designs. My love for natural mineral stones and quartz is also prominent in my wire collections.


Clay Work
Every piece of clay jewellery is crafted with polymer clay with clay embroidery technique. Every detail is sculpted with hand tools and fine needle without any moulds. The sculpted design is then oven baked to set the clay.

Bead Stitching

This is an interesting technique that can be achieved with different methods. Each method achieves different things. The process can be tedious, but the results are marvellous. 

Playing around with colours is an intriguing  part of my creative process. I love bold combinations and therefore my designs centres around that. I adore classic elements in my creations but yet they are unconventional when it comes to colour accents.

Last but not least I treasure, respect and support all artisan works as I believe all craftsmen make each piece of our work with all our hearts and souls.

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