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The Atlantis Tale collection features studs and rings that emulate the organic shapes of stones and rocks, with abalone shells and other mediums encased in layers of resin. Layering of resin creates depth, giving it more dimension.

These rings named Reflections, is encased with white and blue abalone shells and gold foil in layers on resin. The opal effect is mesmerizing, resembling reflections on the water.


* Stainless Steel ring frame

* Comes in 2 variantions

Resin Rings with abalone shells - Reflections

  • Resin pc: About 1.5cm across x 0.2cm H

    Ring: Adjustable to fit US ring sizes 8 to11: the open cuff ring diameter is about 1.8cm, the rings can be adjusted by bending the ring frame. Refer to chart in last image.

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